Diary Import June 1998

30th june 1998

Again had to do big shopping, but this time only for food.

Totally fascinated by my new camera. It’s amazing what
you can do by playing with your own video feedback.

Configured a cisco with Reyk, and also configured a very
huge pizza for us midnight-technicians ! Mmmmm… yammy….

29th june 1998

Did big shopping today, no computer components, just for
(I think buying computer components instead would have been
cheaper !)

Today I got my video camera for my PC, so I tried some
that promise video conferencing in realtime.

Also in the same package I found IBM’s VoiceType OEM which
realtime speech recognition for Win95/98/NT. It really is
very good, but where’re the linux binaries ????

Tonight we had an amazing firework at the Karlsfelder

28th june 1998

Played around with MP3 streaming through my HTTP-server to my
other three machines, works great !!!

Installed the new RC5 proxy that supports the new DES-II-2
Challenge, to be just in time, when DES-II-2 starts.

Listened to a very good blues band at the Olympiapark and
finished the day with two extremly tasty pints of Guinness

27th june 1998

Woke up at 6 am, oh my god !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knocking out myself

Collected a lot of stuff from all my scratch disks, to burn
new FPS II/98 CD on Tom’s machine.

Meanwhile did some chinese cooking with Thomas and I can tell
that his kitchen had to bear a lot after this cooking event.

Burned two more CD’s. And again discovered the old classic:
“The incredible machine” played about 5 hours ’til level 57
and again felt hungry…. at 1:30 am, ups….

26th june 1998

A terribly warm day ! Weather should change to rain for the
I believe that, because this is my last day at work and I’ve
reached my first longer holiday for this year, so don’t worry
diary entries will be a little bit shorter for the next three

Did nothin’ special today, just the handing over for my
colleagues. Again ordered pizzas at the same service, and again
to wait one hour….. ts ts ts
I think they should rename themselves into Pray-for-pizza.de, now
also can imagine why the bigger competitioner calls himself AVANTI

Visited Reyk to get some new tools and discussed commercial
vs. freeware firewalls.

Leeched all the new RC5 and RedHat 5.1 updated stuff. But I
I’ll try it at the earliest on saturday or sunday… we’ll

25th june 1998

Updated the emergency documentations for our Netware and AIX
(huuhhh… that really was hard work)

Time to Call-a-pizza.de, which has probably one of the best
order forms realized in javascript, that I’ve ever seen.
But a great orderform is not that important, when you have
to wait almost 40 minutes for your pizzas to arrive.

Had a wired idea, to program the biggest collection of
savers for the palmpilot. Anyone who demands this ?

24th june 1998

Wrote a couple of eMails to people also suffering from the
“not-logged-in” connections problem on Netware 4.x, I hope
will result in some more concrete answers than the NOVGRP-L

Collected y2k tools for testing our Novell servers for year

Did some sort of picknick in my garden… the birds pick and
the cherries fall on my n(e)ck.

23rd june 1998

Corrected SSA link problems on an AIX machine and again had to
some entries on the Ultra Enterprise II in conjuction with
Secure ACS and an oracle database.

Compression now also works on IPPP interfaces of my dial-up
but linkage between devices and interfaces are still

This evening my mother discovered my first white hair, I
should stop working with all that Hi-Tec stuff. Gasp
Or maybe just substitute my 17 inch cathode tube with a nice
25 inch true color plasma screen ?!? Happy))

22nd june 1998

Monday, I can’t tell ya how I love that weekday.

Had to fight with an oracle installation on an Ultra, completed
nameserver documentations. And finally I got my Xserver running
32-bit depth. Oh god… I was blind… it was too easy, and
have worked already the week before. Damn.

Now, I can watch TV in the background of my desktop and draw
nice pictures with gimp at the same time.

21st june 1998

Still on the search for my diary background…
Does anyone of you know where I can get an image of the map from
game Kyrandia or Kings Quest VI. (Just the margin of such an old
would be fine !)
Until I find that real background I’ll use this one.

20th june 1998

Hacked some HTML-TAG’s to get this diary online in a neverseen
Searched on the web for my papyros background: negative.

Today is my aunts 50th birthday, time for a big family
Met a couple of teachers there, and had to convince them using
at school for their lessons instead of Win NT. Also urged them to
firewalls. Time to preach them the bible… ;->

19th june 1998

Friday, time to give all clients new barths. Ah, they’ve done a
RC5 client release. Well let’s see what has been improved….

Printed out all the documentation on TIS’s firewall-toolkit.

Bought “Linux in a nutshell”, I thougth I could live without a
…some people say, having a bible on a bookshelf, protects you
bad daemons, so I’ll give that a try Winking

18th june 1998

Helped a collegue and played around a little bit with Cisco
Server Remote Management on an Ultra-2.
Debugged the authentication failures on the management
Did some doku updates of a few AIX’s.

Compiled a new kernel with the logo hack, hey pretty cool penguin
Yeah ! Nameserver runs, without any errors…. thanks

17th june 1998

Plugged in the new Win/TV card, but still can’t see video under
as long as my Xserver runs in 8-bit color depth. (Damn, it seems
Matrox Mil2 isn’t supported with more colours yet)

Compiled a new kernel with all the video stuff from Alan….
Played around with that nagra thing… Good work guys….

16th june 1998

Had to phone with a guy who wants to run FreeBSD…. Uhhh, how
So, since it’s for his business, I gave him some hints for these
and that.

Again had problems with IPPP when statically pre-binding devices
interfaces. (Now I’m about 100 pc sure, I’ve found a new bug in
support, I’ll discuss that with a few people.)

15th june 1998

Since I’m reading Alan’s diary almost daily for one and a half
now, I decided to write a diary for myself. Maybe anyone is
what other people are doing. Like me Happy)) (No, I got enough work to
believe me !)