Kobaan on vacation, holiday on Malta

Don’t expect any blog updates for the next two weeks.

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Chief not in tipi, out in the woods elk stalking.

Online video becoming more and more mainstream

More and more video streaming/clip viewing portals have arisen in the last few years.

One of the biggest is YouTube (which will convert its contents to a higher quality h.264 MPEG4 codec video for the AppleTV(by the way just upgraded)), and many more like GoogleVideo, MySpace and the newer Veoh. Most of them hold amateur video content or at least are uploaded by amateurs. Copyrighted material isn’t allowed but can be found such as complete anime series if you’re interested.

But, all of those were bad quality unlike real TV.

On the other side P2P video exchange became popular on sharing networks like bittorrent, the bad thing is, that most of the content offered in these networks is also pirated copyrighted material, thus must be the reason for Vuze? (former Zudeo, an enhanced version of the bittorrent cross-platform client Azureus) and Tribler? to establish a user-friendly and comfortable video sharing platform for LEGAL content. (Try it out, it’s really great.)

And again, downloading millions of bits for high quality video hence the problem that you have to wait for the download to finish, or even worse, you’ll have no real preview.
This is were Zattoo?, Joost?, Babelgum?, Joox? and TV-Links come in, the latter one more illegally I guess.
All of the above offering P2P realtime video for free with depending on service/channel and your own bandwidth, HD-quality TV.

This could be the future, at least giving competition to our cable-tv and internet-providers. Pay one bill get Internet/Phone/TV/Mobile. That’ s called Quadruple Play.

Google Maps StreetView – for the virtual tourist

Yet no update on my site, and still no native german content, but things are piling up so fast that I’ll post some quick news now.

Google Maps now has a new service called StreetView, which enables user to virtually walk through the streets and look around in 360 degrees of freedom.
(The service is available for some US cities only so far, if you have trouble accessing switch your browsers default language to english.)

A video will say more than a thousand words 😉

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