PK Trader update for fire metal

Please be patient with PK Trader updates, as my son was born last week, daily business needs to settle down a bit before I’m back on making up to date changes in PK Trader. BTW writing this is tough, holding a baby in my arms 😉

PK Trader was updated for the recently introduced fire metal, created from the also new ash feather.
As well as some swag updates.

PK Trader – Kingdom updates

Updated PK Trader statistics for the two newly introduced kingdom hats.


  • Monolithic Hat – for the kingdom with most monoliths destroyed
  • Crystals Hat – for the kingdom with the highest crystal production

Both can be seen on the PK Trader Development page for either
PK Web or PK Mobile.

By the way: Madison, the developer city and biggest in PK Web just got destroyed. If you search for a big tradepost now, you may want to visit München in Germany, post in german chat for invitation, they all understand english.