Lots of new stuff and improvements

  • the dungeon page now can also load a (dynamically generated) static map view of a dragon lairs location

The strategy and dungeons page, now also links to two more pages:

  • the Damage Matrix page lists some almost forgotten links to the PK guide wiki

It is a very helpful resource explaining about damagepoints for each combination and suggests optimum gear combinations

  • the Weapon and Armor page, which is very helpful for buying/selling those

You can select a weapon or armor, with or without any special metal and with or without gem, and it will list you the last traded prices including for each level of such an item, including the date of the last occurred trade, and all of that in either gold or food. (Please be patient as this query is a little bit time consuming on the database.)

  • for those interested the actual database size is now shown at the bottom of the front page

There also have been lots of database improvements under the hood, resulting in huge speedups for the analyzer real time plotting, of every item you can think of. A full indicator refresh now requires only 37 minutes, instead of the former 10 hours.

translations on the way

  • Added browser language detection to the front page (this will be selectable later)
  • Front page content now shows german item names if browser is set to german
  • Added an instant translation service to the analyzer page (non-english folks might find that useful when searching stuff)
  • Some behind the scenes improvements (strategy is now a plain html page instead of that rw-stacks crap) thus allowing animated graphics and more easy navigation (not yet implemented), more sanitizing of values everywhere
  • Specified a timeout for loading topics from PK forums, eliminating page not loading troubles when PK web servers are down again
  • Speeded up Analyzer item list generation from DB, now has its own table
  • Kingdom maps updated

new kingdom map and badge icons revealed

  • Added Phoenix kingdom map
  • Added Barbie kingdom map
  • Added Toasty kingdom map
  • Added kyrimorut/Styles kingdom map
  • Reorganized maps into kingdom and city category
  • Added link to PK The Empire website
  • styled the strategy page a little more
  • Included links to top 5 hot topics on PK forums

Since it will probably take a very long time to get your badge achievements (although they have been dramatically reduced already) here is a sneak peak on how the completed badges will look like in your profile:

DisplayLayerImageGenerator.ashxDark Winds Badge (500 Orc Shamans)
DisplayLayerImageGenerator-5.ashxScaly Inferno Badge (500 Laculfas)
DisplayLayerImageGenerator-4.ashxLion Tamer Badge (750 Furymanes)
DisplayLayerImageGenerator-3.ashxSilk Spinner Badge (7500 Silk Burrowers)
DisplayLayerImageGenerator-2.ashxCrystal Wings Badge (1500 Crystal Gargoyles)
DisplayLayerImageGenerator-1.ashxBillanger Down Under Badge (500 Billangers)

and more updates

  • Experimental composite kingdom maps (only for kingdom members) looks very promising
  • Added some funny videos about PK
  • Lots of background work, all site code reincorporated into CMS
  • New map of Den Oever – Netherlands added
  • Experimenting with dungeon submission and plotting subsystem
  • Added link to Shuriken Origami Paperwork – Howto
  • Allowed 51 users to access the site now

Fixes and updates

  • Removed misleading compare option from price chart analyzer
  • Platinum is now found in the DB and also drawn in the chart (PerBlue again uses BIG LETTERS, they drive me mad)
  • Fuzzy searching for matrix calculator enabled
  • New gloves and boots pricecharts added to chart overview page
  • New gloves and boots product chain prices now update correctly
  • Added some more usage notes on bottom of each page
  • Added english translation for strategy page
  • Added favicon for those who missed it 😉
  • Added link to terabyte’s PK website