OpenStack Juno – DevStack

Spent a lot of time stacking and unstacking a single OpenStack installation on my Mac using the DevStack scripts.

It really looks like shuting down and restarting a whole OpenStack installation is almost impossible. Nice if you have enough machines, datacenters and/or even enough co-locations to survive any planned or unplanned power outages.

Very frustrating, waiting for ages to create all the openstack node components just to see a bunch of red lines running across my screen.
Although one can easily switch log consoles to access all the different processes it’s really scary to keep up with the logging speed whenever something wrong happens.
And fixing things by hand will always be destroyed after unstacking again.

As much as I like OpenStack, or even I do like DevStack for small short notice tests, having a production environment running on OpenStack seems so not-ready-for-production to me.