PK Trader Updates – Food on Sale

Big change in PK – Food is now an official resource

The latest change to Parallel Kingdom introduced the possibility to sell food for gold in a tradepost.
This makes food a new available resource which is not any longer calculated through the cost to create refined oil from crude.

I’m not sure how well this will work as I expect a lot of food to player transfers for dummy gold amounts, making this value much more unpredictable than the former artificial calculation, so I decided to stick with the old one for now.

I try to incorporate the new food value on the front page as soon as I have more stable data.

Other updates:

  • PK Web Data is now recorded automatically without the need for manual fixing, via the new public available URL:
  • Added some more cities to PK Web City Directory.
  • Charts are now rendered with tags [mobile] or [web] to better identify what you’re actually looking at.

Some fixes:

  • PK web chart overview, now renders correctly even if monthly and quarterly data for Tops and Flops is not yet available.

Soon coming feature:

  • Comparator will be extended soon to support drop trade calculation between PK Web “Horizons” and PK Mobile “Legends”

Ongoing preparation for PK Trader Web Edition

As you might have noticed, PK Trader’s design and menu structure changed slightly to more easily incorporate the second database for the PK Web based subpages.

PK Trader – Mobile centric pages are now highlighted with a RED color side menu (as you got used to it for a long time already)
PK Trader – Web based pages are shown with a BLUE color side menu (still not much here, I need to fill the database first)
PK Trader – common content is shown on pages with a GREEN color side menu

Further the submenu tab links, now exclude the currently shown page, which on one side makes the menus move from page to page, but at least it should get things a little bit more compact.

Whenever you click on a subpage, you should reach the content for the previously chosen PK world Web/Mobile.

PK Web subpages will be added as soon as enough data is available to render the subpage content correctly.
Although there are some minor showstoppers for PK Web which include the hat, kingdom and city development statistics as they are not directly accessible the same way they are on PK Mobile.
Good news, I already was able to extract newest cities, starting from the first ever built city, so this information will be available soon.


PK Trader for PK Web UPDATE

Hi folks,

some updates about the ongoing PK Web integration into PK Trader…

As more and more people are moving towards PK Web, which has completely different market values compared to the PK mobile version,
PK Trader with its current information is of no big help for our hardline merchants out there.

From today on the market data of PK Web is also recorded on PK Trader, although the graph plotting and subpages
need to be substantially redesigned. (not yet public)

UPDATE: this is done manually at the moment as for PK Web there is a logged in session required to get accurate data,I already contacted PerBlue for a free link to PK Web Tradedata.

PK Trader will be especially valuable for the browser based version of Parallel Kingdom, as you can use browser tabs or side by side now during trading. Just think about having Matrix Calculator side by side.

Stay tunes,

New specialization classes

Another huge update by PerBlue affecting some calculations in PK Trader too.


  • Updated PK Advisor subpage with all german translations to reflect the new and modified specialization classes. (Best Weapon/Armor combinations for these new classes yet unknown.)
  • The merchant specialization now affects the tax from tradeposts, I’m not yet sure if I should integrate such a change into PK Trader price calculations. (Such advanced players should be capable of subtracting 1-3% of a value by themselves ???)
  • Needed to revert some database tweaks which should have speed-up hourly price calculations but I reached the maximum of my computer memory ending up in slowing down the whole process even more.

There are now 14 specialization classes available for Parallel Kingdom.