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Natto Storage Devices ?

For the ones of you not knowing what
Natto” is: Natto are fermented (fouling) soy beans, and
are quite favourite as food all over asia. In my opinion, it smells
horibble, so stay away.
The bacteria used to get the beans so sticky fouling is called
Bacillus subtilis and only rarely causes food poisoning.
Now back to storage devices…
…well that’s the news, – it – is the new storage devices, not the
Natto itself, but the DNA of the bacteria.Scientists (Natto lovers ?) from Keio University in Japan, of the
Institute for Advanced Biosciences, managed to “store” a short
message “E=mc^2 1905!” inside the genome of this bacillus subtilis.
Since DNA copying over generations and other environmental
influences, always leads to mutations (that’s evolution baby…),
the scientists decided NOT to use a cryptic and complex algorithm,
but instead used 4 different positions inside of the genome chain
to place the message information data multiple times. Thus
providing redundancy against damage and a possible error correction
when the message is read back from the DNA sequence.
Although this method already works quite well, there still is the
problem of the slow process (about 24 hours) of DNA construction
and sequence analysis, to actually write and read data.
But once these problems are solved, It might be that your harddisk
or DVD is not any longer your biggest data storage, instead you
could explore the billions of secret contents of your “Natto”
storage device.

Uhh.., smelly computer… Natto drive ?

What about the Tanuki ?

You might have heard it or not: A
Tanuki, seen almost everywhere around temples in Japan,
is a famous native japanese animal there. To be more precise it’s a
racoon dog.
While looking around for a nice picture of a Tanuki for my website
layout I just found an explanatory figure to better understand the
eight lucks a Tanuki is a symbol for.

Plen Skating Robot

This is the newest toy on the japanese
market, its name is PLEN.
And you’ll be surprised how easy this construction is balancing its
movement without any complicated sensors.This is PLEN skating,
controlled by a bluetooth mobile phone:

Here, you can see PLEN
skateboarding, in perfection, he’s a real pro:

And finally PLEN can
also play soccer:

The price for this toy is also very promising its only 2000 US$,
thus being the perfect gift for…. yeah someone you really want
something. Winking
Anyway, try to compare this price with the AIBO

Ah, one last thing:

My delivery address is on the frontpage Happy

Dining – Ninja Style

Having seen a few adventure
restaurants already in Tokyo by myself, there now opened a ninja
theme adventure restaurant in New York.
It is called Ninja
New York
, everything is built like a small village and ninjas
appear and disappear silently as you select your menu. But, see for
As for a comparison you can take a look at some picture on the
website of The
Lock Up in Tokyo
where you’re getting arrested by attractive
police office girls in uniform, and where you can mix your own
cocktails in chemistry vitro glasses.

Or for the more video type of you, check out Tokyo’s Alcatraz
(Prison-Hospital) adventure restaurant:If you’re interested into more of the ninja stuff, be sure to take
a stop here: Winking

Real tough Sudoku

Sudoku became
world famous in the last months, although it exists since 18th
century when swiss mathematician Leonhard
discovered a puzzle game called Latin Square.
The name Sudoku comes from the japanese sentence:
meaning as much as: limit to unique numbers.
Although published in various newspapers over the years, it reached
world wide fame quite recently.Meanwhile there are also a lot of more complex sudokus for “the
advanced puzzle fan”.

with 16 sqaures and numbers.
as jigsaw puzzle, non square based:
And for the real freaks, pre-requistiting a computer, and probably
a 3D graphics card:
The ultimate 3-dimensional Sudoku called:
3doku, available for Mac and PC.
If you’re interested in the different mathematical approaches to
solve a sudoku take a look at wikipedia.