Cheap 3D controller device

Just ordered my 3D input controller
device brought to us money saving folks from 3dconnexion for 59.-
If you can remember the first 3d mouse and its price, this offer is
really cheap.
No more clicking and pointing in Google Earth, just pure

Windows/Linux/MacOSX supported Winking



iTunes Cover Art without iTunesaccount on Intel Macs

If for some reason you don’t want to
use your iTunes account to fetch cover art for your music
collection, maybe this is for you.
Aric Friesen has written an iTunes script called Fetch Art to fetch cover art for your songs from
Unfortunately it will only work on powerpc Macs, as it uses some
compiled perl modules which are not yet universal/intel.
Although the author stated that he is willing to build an universal
application if he would get donations (which according to some
guestbook entries, he already received), there is still no updated
application for intel Macs available, and the application will
crash, when it comes to downloading the cover art.”holy me”

Now don’t panic….
…so what we need to do is to call the perl module in Rosetta

What calls the perl module ?
– Perl.

Lets check perl:
kobaans-computer: kobaan$
which perl

kobaans-computer: kobaan$ file /usr/bin/perl
/usr/bin/perl: Mach-O universal binary with 2 architectures
/usr/bin/perl (for architecture i386): Mach-O executable i386
/usr/bin/perl (for architecture ppc): Mach-O executable

So, perl, is actually a universal binary, that means an intel
platform Mac will call the intel code natively.
Let’s correct this for the runtime of Fetch Art.

FIRST: make a backup of your original perl binary
kobaans-computer: kobaan$
sudo cp /usr/bin/perl /Users/kobaan/perl

SECOND: strip the intel code from the perl binary
kobaans-computer: kobaan$
sudo lipo -remove i386 /usr/bin/perl -o

THIRD: copy the stripped ppc-only binary of perl over the original
“location” of perl
kobaans-computer: kobaan$
sudo cp /Users/kobaan/perl-ppc /usr/bin/perl

What have we done:
kobaans-computer: kobaan$
file /usr/bin/perl
/usr/bin/perl: Mach-O universal binary with 1 architecture
/usr/bin/perl (for architecture ppc): Mach-O executable

What will happen if we call the Fetch Art script from within iTunes now….
… select your files, (choose your amazon store in preferences), and fetch the cover
WOOOO its working using Rosetta, not fast, but working.

After using the script for your collection, quit Fetch Art, and copy back your original “universal” perl
kobaans-computer: kobaan$
sudo cp /Users/kobaan/perl /usr/bin/perl

Done . Everything back to normal.

Save your donations,

Switching browser defaultapplications on Mac

Since I had to search a bit hard on
this one, you might be interested in HOW TO CHANGE A DEFAULT
APPLICATION that is called when you open a file within your
browser.I just wanted to click on a link, that proofed to be a
mms-video-stream, to open in my favorite video player VLC, instead it ended up
opening in the rosetta-translated ages old windows media player for
mac. That was simply a no go.


Searching through various preferences in Mac OS and its
applications, even within Firefox as
it is done on Windows…
…I found this entry (already fixed):

kobaans-computer:~ kobaan$
defaults find mms

Found 1 keys in domain ‘’: {
LSHandlers = (
{LSHandlerRoleAll = “org.videolan.vlc”; LSHandlerURLScheme = mms;

Since modifying plist files can be tricky for some people (not
using developer tools, or being familiar with “vi” and/or
“defaults” class syntax) I found that great application (actually a
preferences panel) called RCDefaultApp, which can be used to change and inspect
almost every file/mime/uri/… handling on Mac OS easily.


Folding at Home at PS3 once again – UPDATE

Sony Playstation 3
firmware update 1.6 is just out of the door, featuring then
Cure@PS3 folding
at home
client, and just 20 hours later 3000 PS3 contributors
already reached the mark of 100 TFlop/s processing power.
Unbelievable, as this is the average equivalent of 120000 computers
folding under Windows OS.
Unbelievable further, that PS3 is not even released yet in Europe,
South Africa and Australia, which will happen in just a couple of
Probably the first people will do tomorrow is to upgrade their
firmware, which means they’ll all get the folding client installed
on their hardware, and if they’re curious enough might become
contributers as well. So might do the people which had to work
during the week, and just waited for the coming weekend.
The expectations are that the 1 PetaFlop/s mark, will be reached for the first time in
the world plus on a non-commercial and non-government project, by
public distributed computing, at about 24000 participants which
could be reached within the next 5 days.UPDATE:
Well we just missed the petaflop in the first approach on sunday
25th, instead after reaching 990 teraflop/s Stanford’s network
collapsed, sort of, although they blame the people playing PS3
instead of folding Winking

Stay tuned for the petaflop announcement which will definitely
happen within the next few week, I guess.

First Steps Cocoa Programming

Well, if you wonder why my blog has
some gaps recently, it’s because of me doing my first steps towards
programming on MacOS
with XCode.
I didn’t do programming for a longer time, and a friend of mine
gave me that great book, that helps me a lot now to get into the
Objective-C slang, used for Cocoa.
In short terms, its really amazing how simple and structured Cocoa
programming with XCode actually is. And the best thing is,
objective-C has already implemented reference counting as this was
one of the best features of the Crystalspace 3D
, for which I contributed to for 3 years.
These are some screenshots of applications of my first steps
programming with the previous mentioned book.
A lottery application:
More or less, the same application in a GUI frontend:
A letter counting GUI application:
And my latest finished training chapter, a speaking text
application, with choose-able voices.
Really, really, big fun… stay tuned for more within the next
Further I’m really looking forward to see all the great new
features of MacOS
Leopard’s XCode 3.0
, which is said to have graphical instant
performance tuning of running code…. wow… I really wanna see
So far,