PK Trader moved to bigger machine

Hi folks,

I’ve been rather busy with my baby son recently, and PK Trader had some hick-ups lately, but everything seems to run fine again.

PK Trader has gone through a lot of changes.
The webserver and database have finally moved from an old mac mini 1,6GHz to my big iMac 3,4Ghz,
resulting in a huge boost for the background price plotting, chain calculation, page compression, graphics compression and finally page delivery time.
(Before an hourly price update took 50 minutes, and plotting some graphs could not be done in realtime or even within one hour. So I had to pre-generate them in background and did only update them once a day. Now an update cycle is completely done within 10 minutes. Realtime plotting works for most items.)

All webserver database and scripting software is up to date again, (there have been troublesome changes in configuration though), even in the php language I used for scripting.

PerBlue changed their id tags within the tradedata page, resulting in prices not being updated in my database for about one week. (Always be skeptical if you see no price changes for all items on the frontpage. Should be fine again now.)

The PK City Directory subpager is now working correctly, and now showing all the cities in the DB not “all-1” 😉
US states could not be changed recently, always showing cities of Alabama for US, thanks to Scott for reporting this. It’s now fixed.