PK Trader – only minor updates

Just a short note on a few PK Trader updates:


  • I try to keep track of city and kingdom development, but it turns out, that due to the fact that I can only lookup the published top ten, data will become more and more inaccurate over time. If you want to take a look yourself, see here: PK-Develop (this page might vanish, if no-one comes up with a brilliant idea)

  • a few more city additions from people who want the help me, thank you guys you do great.
  • new cities will be added on a weekly basis, feel free to download the spreadsheet with all known cities
  • the city directory now has a pager function, as tables got to long for some browsers, or mobile devices

  • we now have a Google+ and a Facebook like button on the right ==>

  • some forgotten swag weapons and armor finally found their way to the historic trading price search at Weapon and Armor



Gold price calculation fuzzy

Just a note, if you didn’t realize yet.

Don’t trust the gold price calculation on PK Trader for the moment since the latest PK update disabled the ability of cheap refined oil production.

Before the update, one could easily calculate the gold price from substracting the crude from the refined oil tradepostprice which gave you the value for one food.

1 food = (oilprice-crudeprice)-10% (TP tax) gold

Due to the fact that many cities are not yet able to produce refined oil (refineries need to be built now), the market price for refined oil runs away,
thus resulting in a unrealistic calculation of the real gold/food ratio.

I will not introduce a new gold/food calculation because I think we will be back to normal in a few weeks when refineries are rebuilt, and not so many product chains need gold/food prices for their calculation.

AND: There’s a new update to the city directory enabling you to quicksearch for a city.

Stay tuned,

Denial of Service against PK Trader

If you wonder why PK Trader gets so slow in the last 8 hours, that’s because someone from Olathe, Kansas, USA, is hitting the server with multiple requests per second, seems like a senseless denial of service. I thought that for such a game and all information provided for free on this site, I would not need to take counter measures.

I’m blocking this single IP for now, and will get some ratelimiters in place,
let’s see how it looks tomorrow.

Yours AngryMinotaur.

DB fixes ongoing (UPDATE)

Thanks to a lot of changes to the PK website, a lot of my background scripts inserted a lot of wrong values into the database, and as usual for swag items, those names change periodically which needs to be fixed manually to be able to present a long term plot for an item.

Also the hat statistics stopped a few days ago, all the tables are a mess now, although the scripts are already fixed. Lets see tomorrows values.

Another fix has been done to the dungeons subpage, which now calculates with actual refined oil prices, instead of “old” oil prices, as this item was renamed long time ago.

Hopefully all will be fine soon, and I got another page coming soon. This time for kingdoms.

Matrix Calculator did show slightly wrong values compared to the front page, due to out of order database updates in a background job.

(moved back from PHP to Perl in these jobs, as PHP has trouble getting the correct SQL order (Command out of sync), don’t know why (Yes I do free results correctly). If you are an SQL expert, please contact me on how to get multiple queries which I do in scripts, into a single database procedure. Basically it’s: For all unique items get actual food and gold price and amounts, and the same of 24hours before and store all together in its own table, add or update if exists. Sounds easy.)