Fixes and St. Patricks Day 2011 Swag added

Fixed a serious gold calculation bug a few days ago. (Oil has been renamed to Refined Oil, a while ago, and database was still selecting very old values.)
Goldprice is now down from 154 to 109 which is a real life value when you look around in the tradeposts.

Added St. Patricks Day 2011 Swag to Weapon & Armor and Advisor pages.

More polished user interface.

Earned and spent gold/food is now shown in sidebar.

PK Advisors and gold deposits

Two new features have been added to a page named PK Advisor, accessible via the submenu from PK dungeons and/or PK Strategy.

Although not yet completely finished those are already working kind of:

The Specialization Advisor takes into account your current weapon and armor and tells you the amount of gold needed to upgrade those items to the highest level. (That’s nice for looking up the required amount prior to getting all the material and going into your houses workshop.)
Right now there is no advice on the actual specialization, this will come soon.

The Weapon/Armor Advisor tells you which weapon/armor combination is most effective for you against what and highlighting the special bonuses you’re receiving for your current specialization class.

Another page was added, which is only accessible to Erdinger Weissbier members, and lists the current deposits of gold inside the castles treasure chest for each player.