PK Emerald and Pearl Update

Finally, as mentioned in the latest update hut article, the 30 level cap has been increase to 35, there is a new water dungeon in sunken cities now,
and a few more new basic resources such as emeralds, khaos orb, pearls and more which can be used to craft some new products too.

New content has been added to PK Trader product chain browser already, actual prices and plots will take some time, as no trading prices are yet available to calculate with.

A few new items:
khaos_orb Khaos Orb
gravity_trap Gravity Trap
gillens_brew Gillen’s Brew
time_orb Time Orb
spatial_bubble Spatial Bubble

Tome of Oil + Reconstrcution
tome_of_oil tome_of_reconstruction

Pearl, Emerald and Gem Dust
pearl emeraldgem_dust

Emerald and Pearl Flag Decoration
flag_emerald flag_pearl

Emerald Tiki and Emerald Asscher – Exterior Decoration
gmo_ext_dec_emerald_courtyard gmo_ext_dec_emerald_outside

Pearl Beach Chair and Pearl Shell – Exterior Decoration
gmo_ext_dec_pearl_outdoor_chair gmo_ext_dec_pearl_shell

PK City Directory online

Finally a new addition to PK Trader has found its way to the website, the PK City Directory.

For those of you willing to help, please submit citycodes for yet unlisted cities with the form below of the PK City Directory subpage.

You can find the citycode when you visit PK’s official forum and by clicking on yours or other peoples profiles and selecting their cities.
Your browser then shows an URL link like:
The latter part can be typed into the PK City Directory and SEND to be added instantly to the database.

Thanks for everybody who supports me getting as many city links as possible. Thank you.

Fixes and world time line

  • popeye hat resources fixed (amount calculation of wood and crude were swapped)
  • As you might have noticed there now is a world time line on the top of each page, maybe making it easier for all of you to check against PK Update Hut messages about when updates occur at your local timezone.
  • And finally another subpage was added which splits the original tradepost data table into a sortable gold/food and leveled/normal items table. Further on the sidebar of this new tradepost subpage, you can now find the most active tradeposts listed.

Top Tradeposts:

Happy Valley New York City Commerce West Hollywood Dowagiac Gulf Park Estates Chicago Pittsburgh Wekiwa Springs Detroit Grand Rapids
London (UK) Tokyo (Japan) Fort Erie (Canada) Köln (Germany) Dharan Bazar (Nepal) Gex (France) Darch (Australia) Luganville (Vanuatu)

PK Satellite Overlay available

If you haven’t noticed yet, google satellite map overlay is now available on latest android PK clients.
(Check preferences to enable or disable satellite map overlay.)
Apple users will need to wait for approval of the already submitted app in Apple’s AppStore.

PK Advisor updated to reflect specialization changes

Extra subpage with PK Tradepost prices added where leveled items, gold and food are separated.

And a minor update to the PK Advisor and PK Product Chain Browser subpage changing the bonus values for each specialization to reflect the announced update as mentioned in article 100 of Parallel Kingdoms Update Hut.

New items “Flag Decorations and Pet Faces” will be added to PK Trader a while later after the update is available and some trades occurred at the trade posts.

Trade Post only flags (sold for food):

only limited time (for 500 food in TP, and for free for 10 new players celebrating the 500,000 user on PK.)

Craftable flags:

additional dog faces:

new boar pet faces:

new roc hatchling faces:

new dragon pet faces:

Update will occur on tuesday 14 june 2011 10 a.m. CST.
Special service for people from other timezones: (see actual CST time on the right of this blog)

PK Trader Hat Stats History and other VIP updates

This time, an update for those of you having VIP-accounts.

You do not need to be VIP, most of the functionality of this site is absolutely sufficient for most users.
VIP accounts, need a username and password, and are able to do live queries to the database, and they will have to be patient, as this can take a while.

PK Trader can now plot on demand Hat Stats for given time ranges, if you are interested in the development of hat score over longer time periods.
This is comparable to the Price Chart Analyzer which can be queried for every ever in PK used item for a very long time period, and also with a lot of complex analytical methods, which I will not explain to you.


Further I included top of the page menus for all VIP available subpages, to make it easier to navigate.
This looks the same as already done on all other subpages.

CST clock now to the right of this blog

Since many of you were confused and complained about at which exact time game updates will happen when they are announced, I included a CST-synced clock to the sidebar here in this blog.

So next time you see an PK update hut announcement with a date+time given in CST which might not be your own timezone, and you hate to search the internet for a working timezone calculator, you can check this clock for the actual CST time.

Hope you find that useful,

PK Trader Badge Advisor

As you might have noticed there are lots of new badges to complete in PK.

If you want to prepare for those and check the upcoming costs and required resources, checkout the new PK Badge Advisor subpage !
Costs are calculated dynamically based on actual market prices.

There are also a lot of valuable hints on how to get badges, fast and cheap and also which badges can be done efficiently in parallel.

PK Trader Product Chains update

a few minor updates

Main page indicator table is now sortable (still troublesome with minus values, javascript is so stupid)

Chain Browser now also shows quick profit graphs
RED means loss, so the suggestion is to buy this one in a TP and save some GOLD


GREEN means profit, so the suggestion is to create that item by yourself, and sell it for FOOD

inserted thousands marker for better reading, here and there

fixed some errors on the hat analyzer

  • wrong gold calculation due to thousands marker
  • selected cheaper weapon for hanzo, now longbow instead of trap