Specialization Tokens Trading Tip (UPDATE)

With the introduction of Specialization Tokens for the maxed out players, we expect the leather price to stop ascending after the latest ability of taking over old flags and buoys.

The price for leather went up from about 250 to almost 380 within the last week, but as tokens will be available for hunting epics and finishing dungeons I think a lot of people will go hunting and set down that price again. (Since a lot of people do dungeons now, we will see lower prices for chi, acorn, troodont scales, dark essences and dragon and roc eggs.)

Also the major appearance of monks all around now makes sense since you will be able to trade those earned tokens there together with a rather high amount of food for items like:

  • Interior Decorations (Cost: 100 Tokens, 100 Food)
  • Exterior Decorations (Cost: 150 Tokens, 150 Food)
  • House Decorations (Cost: 230 Tokens, 400 Food)
  • Armor (Cost: 400 Tokens, 250 Food)
  • Weapons (Cost: 450 Tokens, 250 Food)
  • Hats (Cost: 760 Tokens, 300 Food)

All of these items, are class(specialization) specific and wether the tokens nor the items can be traded,
but if you change your specialization you can earn different token to buy other class items.

See update hut for images and further explanations.

PK Trader Tip for weapon / armor upgrades

Want to know how infused armor is looking before actually spending lots of money, here’s a tip how to preview your desired weapon/armor:

Enter in your web-browser:

Just try the different weapon/armor names, metals and gems to find whatever eyecandy weapon/armor you’re longing for.

For a short example see: http://guide-wiki.parallelkingdom.com/index.php/Talk:Easter_and_Earth_Day_2011

Don’t forget to go to the PK Advisor subpage, which will tell you how much gold you will need to max out your current weapon with gem and metals.
Or if it is maybe more cheap to buy at a tradepost by listing historic latest selling prices for that kind of weapon/armor.

PK Trader Tip for MacOS users


Special hint for MacOS users:

– Open the PK Trader in Safari
– Select the Matrix Calculator Page
– Right click open in dashboard…
– Select the matrix calculator table
– Click Add and you have a new dashboard widget

=> now you always have a quick and simple access to the latest prices for buying and selling without even opening your browser


I have no idea of the newer windows version, and if they are able to widgetize parts of a website instantly, so you folks are on your own, sorry.


Kleiner Tipp für MacOS Benutzer:

– Öffnet den PK Trader im Safari
– Geht auf die Matrix Calculator Seite
– Rechtsklick und im Dashboard öffnen…
– Matrix Calculator Tabelle auswählen
– Auf hinzufügen klicken und ihr habt ein neues dashboard widget

=> somit habt ihr jederzeit schnell und einfach Zugriff auf die aktuellen Preise zum kaufen und verkaufen, ohne den Browser überhaupt öffnen zu müssen

Ich habe keinerlei Ahnung von den neueren Windows-Versionen und ob diese in der Lage sind Teile von Webseiten instant als Widgets zu speichern, sorry aber das müsst ihr selbst herausfinden.


Hat Rankings (coming soon/UPDATE)

A new feature is coming soon to this site: The Hat Rankings

Other than on PK’s original website, the statistics shown here will give you a hint when it is a good time to start with which hat, and which amount of time and resources you might need to accomplish this.

For the moment the page pk-hats is only a quick dummy, to see how the values change over time, I’m in the process of collecting data and find a better graphical representation for it.

There also have been some major changes in the background jobs switching from perl to entirely php resulting into a much more reliable parsing of tradingdata.

As you might have noticed, the entrance page and a few others are now open to everybody, so people not yet having their own account can have a sneak peak on what to expect from this site.
(I know you don’t like to enter passwords and/or having a separate account, but I have more user centralized content in mind coming soon, that’s why you should have your own account by now)


Site availability this week (UPDATE)

Hi Folks,

I’m in the process of upgrading my internet-access hardware and moving to a native IPv6 connection.
Due to this, the PK Trader website may be unavailable for some short periods during this week.


  • Internet-access restored, IPv6 up and running.
  • I am ready for june 8th 2011 World IPv6 Day.
  • You can now also reach this site via IPv6 (address only, not via hostname since DynDNS currently only offers free dynamic DNS without IPv6 records.
  • See frontpage (bottom) for current link to IPv6-only site.

Thanks for your patience.