Folding at Home at PS3 once again – UPDATE

Sony Playstation 3
firmware update 1.6 is just out of the door, featuring then
Cure@PS3 folding
at home
client, and just 20 hours later 3000 PS3 contributors
already reached the mark of 100 TFlop/s processing power.
Unbelievable, as this is the average equivalent of 120000 computers
folding under Windows OS.
Unbelievable further, that PS3 is not even released yet in Europe,
South Africa and Australia, which will happen in just a couple of
Probably the first people will do tomorrow is to upgrade their
firmware, which means they’ll all get the folding client installed
on their hardware, and if they’re curious enough might become
contributers as well. So might do the people which had to work
during the week, and just waited for the coming weekend.
The expectations are that the 1 PetaFlop/s mark, will be reached for the first time in
the world plus on a non-commercial and non-government project, by
public distributed computing, at about 24000 participants which
could be reached within the next 5 days.UPDATE:
Well we just missed the petaflop in the first approach on sunday
25th, instead after reaching 990 teraflop/s Stanford’s network
collapsed, sort of, although they blame the people playing PS3
instead of folding Winking

Stay tuned for the petaflop announcement which will definitely
happen within the next few week, I guess.