Diary Import February 1999

To make my japanese learning more
efficient here’s my
(new “jwotd”: japanese word of the day)
to bad that I can’t view you the kanji version too.
But I think the unicode guys are working on it.

28th february 1999

Not a nice day, 34 hours without contact to Aya.
Most of the time, waiting nervously for eMail.

Tried videotext on 2.2.2 again with new drivers,
but this bttv stuff freezes my machine every time
after 10-15 minutes.
And I always loose lots of RC5 buffers in proxy !
I hate that ! (Also about 5000 input buffers.)

jwotd: (samui/feel cold)

27th february 1999

Sleeping hopefully,
after 21 days without one free day,
not even weekend.

Successfully running on kernel 2.2.2 !

jwotd: (nemuru/sleep)

26th february 1999

Compiled 2.2.2 again and fixed that msp3400 problem from yesteday
or is it this morning ??? Winking)

And again, another server crashed too.
I can’t tell you how I hate when they call me just after 4-5
of sleep, even when I’m not on emergency support list.
Who do you think I am ? Jesus ? Can I cross over water ?

Tonight I wish that I can celebrate my uncle’s birthday
with the family. I hate to be busy with work at these times.

jwotd: (tanjoobi/birthday)

25th february 1999

Ok, I’m mad now.
But lots of mail from Aya. Thanks, my darling.

Another two servers crashed.

Upgraded all the RedHat stuff on my machine to be kernel 2.2
prepared, and after tried to compile 2.2.2, but just as
if you want to change everything in one day, halted with an

jwotd: (okaerinasai/welcome home)

22nd to 24th february 1999

I’m in Stuttgart, for education.
Cisco Catalyst Switches.

I hope that I can get internet access there, Aya.
Otherwise I’ll go mad !
I love you !

jwotd: (kyooiku/education)

20th and 21st february 1999

Power shutdown weekend at work.
But the best is, that our emergency center didn’t know Happy)))))))

Managed some calls to Cisco TAC via France to UK to USA and
back to UK.

Checked management dial-ins for Berlin.

And finally shut down all the Unix and Netware servers.
9 hours of work.

Used 10 minutes in the gallery of the bank, to play on a
grand piano, when the security people suggested me to do.

Wrote many many many eMails to Aya, as she did to me this
but I was so busy for long time. Sorry Aya.
Our correspondence is now 1.8 MB in just four weeks. WOW

jwotd: (motto motto/more and more)

19th february 1999

At work:
I reconfigured a lot of 18 GB drives to remirror on our
biggest netware server. Some new AIX problems with local
and some new DNS entries.

At home:
Configured fetchmail today and rerouted all my local
to my working machine. Also internet mail is collected
fetchmail now. GREAT WORK GUYS !!!!!!!! Happy))))
Mail delivery to the internet stays on netscapes messenger
security reasons, but sendmail would also do.

Got nice eMails from Aya today.
Don’t work so hard, ok ? Winking

jwotd: (insatsu suru/print)

18th february 1999

Some more preparations for the weekend power shutdown.

Cetin has successfully killed the SYS volume on our support
and of course my only netware RC5 too. Thanks ! Sad(((

Upgraded Gnome-FVWM and some libs.

jwotd: (denryuu/electrical power)

17th february 1999

Spent my birthday alone, because everyone is ill, and Aya
is still in Japan !

Therefore had lots of phonecalls this day.

Set up paging service for incoming internet eMail.
So I now get informed by pager whenever Aya writes eMail to
Nice feature. Happy))))))))))))
(Perfect solution to meet online within a few minutes.)

jwotd: (denwa/phone)

16th february 1999

Did some planning for the power shutdown this weekend.
Lots of AIX machines and clusters affected.

Printed out a visual japanese dictionary, which could be very
useful for faster learning.

jwotd: (gashoo/picture)

15th february 1999

Another free monday, because of my emergency support work.

Started translating the book “Making out in japanese” into
Maybe Aya can use it, too. And it’s good training for me as

I also restarted learning from Assimil book which is
for me. I hope to be able to read and write Kana and
and speak japanese in good quality to the end of this year.
Aya, I’m very good student !
Let’s start teaching you german some more !

jwotd: (hon-yaku suru/translating)

14th february 1999

Valentines Day !
Aya, you know the URL.
Present will follow, I promise !

Downloaded tons of video stuff to get my webcam working
And I wonder if I should upgrade my Matrox BIOS or not.
Better not.

Video works, and also cable TV on my X-Display and also
I can’t believe it, it seems they did good work the last two
So my webcam is finally up and running. You can go there by
the dynamic link on andys.stun.de.
Otherwise there’s also a pic of the day at: Here !

jwotd: (okurimono/present)

13th february 1999

Had to work today. Fix some network problems and test some
more ADSM client functions.

Upgraded to the new XFree Server and some newer
patches released due to security issues.
GIMP runs again. Wow.

jwotd: (kinoo/function)

12th february 1999

Updated all ADSM clients of our servers at work and did
the most OS patches and library updates that are necessary
Year 2000 compliance.
But I think there will be some more patches even after Year

Surprised by updating PC-BIOS which seems to have destroyed
harddisks partition table. Never seen that before.
System partition boots. DOS partition even after fdisk /mbr
reactivating, sys a: c: and some other tools cannot force the
drive to boot. What’s up here ?
Any hints ?

jwotd: (odoroki/surprise)

11th february 1999

Fighted with a netware server which doesn’t want to work 100 MB
half, nor
full duplex, due to inoperational driver parameters.

Almost finished with Y2K BIOS upgrades of all our communication

Did some finetuning on the scanned in pictures from London
and AYA, check the URL again. a232 and a233 are really sexy !

Reyk: Buy Yakult for me, and rice crackers, please !!!!!!!!!

I’ll go to bed now,
Oyasumi nasai, Munich.
Ohayou, Tokyo !

jwotd: (kau/buy)

10th february 1999

Got the pictures from London today.
Hey Aya, you’re looking really sexy !
You know the URL !

Another emergency at work. This time a netware server crashes
all the time, when we try to mount volumes.
Vrepair doesn’t seem to work, and a mirrored device was used
with so much space that we cannot remirror with new drive.

jwotd: (hijooji/emergency)

9th february 1999

More Y2K updates, and a big server meeting again.
I was so fascinated updating BIOS and OS-Patches, that
I forgot about time. So I’ll start two hours later
on tomorrow. Hopefully.
And another week emergency service started for me, to make

jwotd: (kane/money)

8th february 1999

Enjoyed my free day,
slept a long time,
learned japanese,
and booked my flight to japan for end of march,

jwotd: (tobu/fly)

7th february 1999

Downloaded kernel 2.2.1 and the RedHat 5.2 to kernel 2.2 upgrade
But I don’t dare to install now. INET connection is to important
the moment.

More eMails. And japanese learning !
Now learning how to write Kana !

jwotd: (narau/learn)

6th february 1999

Finally reached my long weekend.

glibc 2.1 has been released, and the big surprise:
StarOffice 5.0 doesn’t work with it ! Perfect ! Sad(

Wrote many eMails to Aya and we tried to meet in chat.

jwotd: (hanasu/talk)

5th february 1999

Did not fix the problem on a netware server which displays
symbol errors after every update I made. I hate that !
I need RPM for netware ? Somewhere hacking in progress ???

Changed my holiday to be in Japan in April !

jwotd: (nihon/japan)

4th february 1999

It’s official now, I’m the “one” (poor one) (armes Schwein)
is responsible for making every netware server in the company
ready for the next millenium.
A hint for all people with the same “order”:
Don’t try to migrate more than five servers a day, you’ll
making mistakes. Suddenly human again. I know that now.

Two of the three stale servers are stable again, but we need
hardware for swapping, that’s because there’s already the next

Got 100 MB and 16 MB together working now in a 3.12 machine,
which had severe library problems with IPXRTR.NLM.

The first day I can feel harmony again, Aya didn’t start
and I think we’re both happy now.

jwotd: (haamonii/harmony)

3rd february 1999

Oh god, what a day !
Three netware servers damaged at once.
One defective motherboard, two SIMM chips and a very obscure
problem with a harddisk array.

Worked 14 hours today. That’s enough for me.
But my colleagues worked 22 yesterday and stayed at home for
Now who’s baaka ? I think it’s me.

Had no time to learn japanese today, and I’m missing Aya so

jwotd: (baaka/blockhead)

2nd february 1999

Had so much work to do today, I could shout !
Configured some firewall stuff.
Patched Arcserve and some netware servers to become Y2K

Learned a lot new japanese sentences and grammar.

Called to Aya and felt happy after I heard her voice.
Aya called me back four hours later and I felt very sad
(What are you doing with me girl !)

Talked to Reyk about the FFM server (soon the MUC server),
and after that talked to Tom about his upcoming MCSE exam
on friday.

jwotd: (shikeen/test)

1st february 1999

Had to fight with some SNA problems on a AIX machine…

Upgraded to 434 RC5 clients and 304 perproxy.

Downloaded some japanese songs in MP3 format, but they are all
Maybe some decryption time tomorrow Happy

Wrote six eMails to my love. Ganbatte kudasai.

jwotd: (aishiteru/I love you.)