Good news, it works. Bad news, it works.

Bad awakening for Mac users, Apple
fixed a bug.
It took almost 2 years for Apple to release a security fix so that
it’s not anymore possible to hijack the builtin or even the
external USB camera from within a webpage.
At least everyone believed that this issue has been fixed in the
security update 2006-008, and people became already sad about
missing the feature to preview realtime effects on local video like
on this page: (only works for Mac people.)But there’s also good news. It still works.

Oh wait, or is it bad news ?

Anyway the good news is, that the bad news of a killed feature is
not true, and that the security fix works, as your realtime video
cannot be sent via ajax/javascript or a java applet to someone you
don’t even know by just accessing someone’s evil website.

How do we check that ?
Apple doesn’t say anything about it.

So the real good news is, enjoy the feature as long as you’re not
sitting naked in front of your mac. Winking

Oh, uhh, aehh did I mention the bad news is, we don’t know if its
really fixed, or apple became so much interested in your homevideos
that they patched something in your system to get much sharper
pictures of you than anyone else does. Winking