Open House Day – Science CampusGarching 15.10.2006

Inform yourself about the latest
progress on different science projects at the Science Campus Garching on sunday, october 15th 2006.
At this event you have the chance to talk to scientist about their
work, get things explained and make your own suggestions or simply
ask them questions you wanna know.
Science Campus Garching consists of several Max Planck Institutes
(MPI), the European
Southern Observatory (ESO)
, Ludwig Maximillians University
Munich (LMU), Leibnitz Rechenzentrum (LRZ) and more.
Further the subway construction to Science Campus Garching is
finished and will open the day before.
LRZ will present one of Germany’s top supercomputer SGI Altix 4700 with 27 TFlops (doubled next
You can take a look at the latest fusion reactor experiments, reach
for the stars at ESO‘s
remote controlled Very Large Telescope(VLT) in Chile, or or or…