Tribute to the Ninja

When the sun goes down, the ninja comes out.

It’s true, they’re among us. And they’re just
waiting for you to be too curious and make a mistake, and
they’ll just kill you.

If you like to know more about Ninjas it’s a must to see the
podcast episodes at

Meanwhile I managed to uncover some of those nightactive friends
with my infrared spycamera.

The Kitchen Ninja, awaits you in the night, when you’re

The Todana / evil cupboard Ninja…

…and the most deadly of them all, the fridge-ambush
Reizoko Ninja, just waiting until you want to get some midnight
food or drink when the service has already finished and then just
cutting your arms off, followed by the head.


I just mean, watch out, they’re really there and
Lucky me, with my knowledge about ninjas I survived this last
night, with my head still on its place.