Waiting for Keynote 2007

Only a few hours left until MacWorld
2007 Keynote in San Francisco.
check the live event coverage here:
http://www.macrumorslive.comHere’s a list of the expected announcements:

Category: Devices

– iPhone like iPod nano + touchscreen wheel
– iPhone Pro like iPod Video with Blackberry like features
– iPod nano with doubled capacity
– iTV as previously announced, a settop-box to beam iTunes and
maybe more to your TV

Category: Computers

– MacMini with Core2Duo processors and a bundled version with
keyboard/mouse + 17″ Cinema Display
– MacPro with improved memory and maybe dual-quad cores ?
– reveal 600Mbps Airport Extreme already working inside a few
devices ?

Category: Online Services

– .Mac Account with increased storage capacity up to 50GB for iDisk
and TimeMachine usage
– Own domain names and eMail addresses

Category: Software

iLife 07 Package:
– iPhoto + Google maps integration and GPS tagging features
– iWeb faster updates/websyncs + .Mac statistics plugin

iWork 07 Package:
– Pages improved
– Keynote improved
– standalone Spreadsheet added

Leopard Mac OS 10.5:
– release end of january 2007
– faster user interface
– new sreensavers
– TimeMachine (backup and archiving)
– CoreAnimation (GUI library)
– Spaces (workplace switcher)
– iChat with screencasting, video feature and videoeffects
– Dashboard onTheFly (iFly?) Widgets / easy and completely new
– Spotlight with network functions
– Finder instant previewing
– 64bit support for the entire system
– ZFS filesystem, but not as system filesystem
– Mail pretty messages using templates
– iCal CalDAV share/publish calendars via Internet
– VoiceOver fluent, new better voice including japanese and chinese
language support
– Quicktime subtitle support

…lets hope that at least some of this widely rumored stuff will
become true…